T & T Entertainment

CO-Own A Zipline Like This!

We Can Make It Happen!

We're so excited about the Soaring Eagle Zip Line - and invite you to consider CO-OWNING a ride.  What we provide is a turn-key package including installation and training, with liaison for your construction team on your property. And we provide all the specs we know you will need.  Let's talk about the feasibility and our proven process soon.  CONTACT US

Site Planning

We can help you determine the feasibility of your existing or a potential site. Once you have your property lined up, we guide you through the planning. 

Residual Revenue

What a perfect way to earn passive income!  Get paid while helping others have fun.


When your location site is ready, our team comes out and we do the installation and get your ride ready for your customers.

Our Joint Ventures

For qualified properties* - we will structure an attractive joint venture solution.

*Your intended site will need the potential for 250,000 visitors minimum annually.

*Your Zip Line will require a minimum amount of space.

Provide us some details and we'll look at the feasibility.